Gold Plated Near Infrared (NIR) LED

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An unusual gold plated near infrared NIR LED, in tested and working condition. These unusual devices operate in the 810 nanometer band and their light output is right at the edge of human vision. Each LED contains an array of 16 NIR dies bonded to a gold transistor header. When powered up these produce a deep cherry red output in the visible light range, with almost 90% of their output spilling over into the infrared bands. In the photos, the LED is powered at 100ma and 6.5 volts, and the visible light output is unlike anything typically seen in a solid state device. The photos have been taken with an IR filter to block the infrared light and and limit the output to the human-visible portion of the spectrum; this produces an image that closely matches what would be seen with the naked eye.

WARNING: These LEDs output almost 90% of their light is invisible IR radiation, and as such can be hazardous to vision if not properly used. Never view these with your naked eyes unless you fully understand the safety implications of NIR light!


Epitex NIR LED L810N-66-16100
810 Nanometer NIR LED, infrared output device.

Epitex Infrared LED
Near Infrared LED with coin for scale.

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