GM Delco 2DV4 Gold Nuvistor Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-04-28  


The 2DV4 is a relatively common Nuvistor part number, similar to the even more common 6DV4 medium-mu triode, but equipped with a 2V heater filament. This example is rather unusual however, in that the manufacturer, General Motors, has chosen to apply a gold plating to the entire outside surface of its case, affording it a thin meniscus of protection from the harsh, McDonald's burger wrapper-laden environment of an average US motor vehicle.

The Nuvistor was developed by RCA as a response to what would ultimately be an overwhelming invasion of solid state electronics. They are packaged in a miniature metal envelope, and are comparable in size to early small signal transistors. Most Nuvistors were high performance triodes, though there are a few tetrode types.


GM Delco 2DV4 Nuvistor Tube
GM Delco 2DV4 gold plated Nuvistor tube.

Nuvistor Cutaway Diagram
Nuvistor tube cutaway diagram, showing internal coaxial construction.

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