Dialco 521-9167 LED  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-04-14  


These later three-lead LED devices appear to be modeled heavily after the construction style of the FLV102 and other T-106 package LEDs. It is all in jest however, as the 521-9167 is not built on a T-106 carrier, instead a plastic casting designed to mimic the appearance of a ceramic T-106 has been used as this diode's base. The red lens is also plastic, and is almost surely cast separately from the rest of the diode and then affixed afterwards. It is unknown why a manufacturer would go to such lengths and expense to mimic the appearance of earlier FLV-style LEDs; even the third lead on the device is superfluous, as it serves no electrical function. The brightness on these devices is fairly acceptable; light output is about what one would expect from a mid-1970s 5mm LED.


Dialco 521-9167 LED
Dialco 521-9167 LED, normal operation. The 521-9167 is a largely undocumented part.

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