Sylvania 8035 / CT-4251 Series Dekatron Tubes (8035, 8353, CT-4251)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-23  


Devices included in this entry:

Sylvania 8035 / CT4251 selector (13-pin compact base; pictured in thumbnail)
Sylvania CT-4251 selector (13-pin compact base)

Sylvania 8353 selector (13-pin compact base)

The 8035 is a high speed selector tube in a small compactron-style envelope. The 8035 has a Penning fill gas and a maximum counting speed of 100 kHz. The tube has a standard 13 pin base, and will fit in both 13 pin Nixie tube sockets, and 20 pin sockets like those used for the 6167 and MO-10R counting tubes. Early internal versions of this tube are only marked with the CT-4251 Sylvania internal part number, and lack the 8035 designation.

Sylvania also released the 8353, internally identical to a 8035 but with a neon fill.


Sylvania 8035 Dekatron Tube
Sylvania 8035, a high speed compactron-style selector dekatron.

Sylvania CT-4251 Dekatron Tube
An earlier sample of this tube lacks the 8035 designation, and is only marked with Sylvaina's internal CT-4251 part number.

Sylvania 8353 Dekatron Tube
Sylvania 8353, a 4kHz variant of the 8035. Like other neon-filled variants, the 8353 is much less outgas-prone than its Penning-filled counterpart.

Sylvania 8353 Dekatron Spinner
Yilane Systems YS-601 equipped with a ceramic 13 pin socket for use with the 8035 and 8353 counting tubes.

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