Rodan DK23 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-11  


Even the Japanese joined the dekatron market with tubes like the DK23, a single-pulse counter with three guides and forty cathode positions. Counting speed is rated at a capable 20 kHz and the fill gas is unknown, but appears to be some sort of Penning mixture consisting of a melange of hydrogen, neon, and other trace gases. Though difficult to find, these tubes are much more robust than ETL's competing single-pulse GC10D, and rarely fail from outgassing.

Rodan DK23 Datasheet (PDF)


Rodan DK23 Dekatron Tube
Rodan DK23 dekatron, running in a YS-610 dekatron driver.

Rodan DK23 Dekatron Tube
The unusual ring shaped cathode supports used in the DK23 were quite labor intensive to assemble.

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