Monsanto MAN-3 Series [Detail] 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-10-17  

Monsanto MAN-3 LED Display
Monsanto MAN-3 LED Display, normal operation.

Monsanto MAN-3A LED Display
A MAN-3A LED display (left) shown with original Monsanto MAN-3.

Monsanto MAN-3 LED Packaging
Monsanto MAN3 LED displays, shown with packaging.

Monsanto MAN-3 Leadframes
These rare pieces show MAN-3 displays under construction. Metal leadframes held the leads of each display in place until the epoxy had cured. Afterward, all but one pin would be cut from the frame, so the LED displays could be tested.

Monsanto MAN3 LED Die
Monsanto MAN3 die, 20x magnification. Each segment contains 5 light emitting sectors.

Monsanto MAN-3 LED Calculator Display
Monsanto calculator display module with nine individual MAN-3A digits on a carrier PCB.

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