Litronix DL2416 & DL1414 Series LED Displays  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-07-22  


Devices included in this entry:

Litronix DL1414T (plastic DIP)
Litronix DL2416T (plastic DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Hewlett-Packard HPDL-2416 (plastic DIP)

More than a mere display, the DL-2416 is an entire seven-bit ASCII decoder, character generator, and four-digit alphanumeric display in a single package. The display is made up of four 17-segment dies mounted under a plastic magnifier, with the control circuitry mounted to the underside of the display and covered with an epoxy coating. The display has its own memory registers, and will remember character data without processor intervention.

The 1414 (DL1414T, HPDL-1414) is a smaller, less capable version of the 2416 alphanumeric display. The 1414 lacks the cursor generation and display blanking of the 2416, but the omission of the pins for those functions results in a display that is both smaller and easier to drive than a 2416.

Siemens DL1414 Datasheet (PDF, 365kb)


Hewlett Packard HPDL 2416, displaying it's built in test characters.

Litronix DL1414T.

2416 LED displays were produced by a number of different manufacturers. From left to right; Hewlett Packard HPDL-2416 displays in two different styles, Litronix DL2416T, Siemens DL2416. The HP version of this part can be easily identified by the tighter pitch PCB layout and clipped corner epoxy package.

DL1414T die structure, 30x magnification.

HPDL-2416 die structure, 30x magnification.

Datasheet and pinouts for the DL2416.

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