RCA 7587 Nuvistor Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-05-02  


The 7587 is an oddity, a Nuvistor with an anode cap. The 7587 is a sharp cutoff tetrode, which was released in 1961. Inside this tube's tiny shell is a pair of coaxial grids surrounding a heater and tubular cathode. The entire top shell acts as the plate, with a ceramic band to isolate it from the typically grounded lower shell. This example is still contained in its original packaging, showing how Nuvistors and their sockets were boxed for the commercial market.


RCA 7587 Nuvistor Tube
RCA 7587 Nuvistor tetrode.

Nuvistor Cutaway Diagram
Nuvistor tube cutaway diagram, showing internal coaxial construction.

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