Monsanto MAN-3 Series 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-05-02  


Devices included in this entry:

Monsanto MAN-3 (10-pin clear epoxy flat-pack; pictured in thumbnail)
Litronix MAN-3A (10-pin red epoxy quad inline package)
Monsanto MAN-3A (10-pin red epoxy quad inline package)

The MAN-3 is generally considered to be the first surface mount seven segment display ever made. This display is tiny: digit height is only 3mm and package dimensions are 6mm by 4mm. The unit has ten gold plated pins for mounting, and the two center pins are shared grounds. The MAN-3A is a more refined version of the MAN-3 which has a red epoxy case instead of a clear one.

Here is a picture of the packaging for these displays, showing how they would have arrived from the factory. Sorry, there's no enlargement for the fantastic thumbnail - we had a bit of difficulty photographing the MAN-3, and that's the best, largest shot we could manage.


Monsanto MAN-3 display, shown with packaging.

Monsanto display module with nine individual MAN-3A digits. This type of display is known from the Commodore Minuteman 2 calculator, although the example pictured here is unused.

Litronix MAN-3A display (top) shown with original Monsanto MAN-3.

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