Soviet Anod A-101 Series Dekatron Tubes  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-04-11  



Devices included in this entry:

Soviet A-101 selector (13-pin base, pictured in thumbnail)
Soviet A-102 selector (13-pin base)
Soviet A-103 selector (13-pin base)

The A-101 is the Soviet's basic neon filled selector dekatron, a double pulse selector with an unusual 13-pin base. Rated at a mere 1kHz, the A-101 is one of the slowest dekatrons ever made. The A-101 is likely the most common dekatron in the world, as Russian and other eastern European sellers have been dumping their surplus tubes onto eBay at a rapid pace. The 13-pin base, for which one will most likely never find sockets, is a good reason to give this tube a wide berth and just buy an OG-4 instead.

The A-101 design saw significant improvements in the A-102, which introduced an argon fill, and the A-103, which incorporates some minor internal changes.

Soviet Dekatron Datasheet (PDF)


Soviet Anod A-101 Dekatron Tube
Soviet A-101 dekatron tube, normal operation. The A-101 is likely one of the most common dekatrons in the world, as Soviet-era surplus floods the secondhand market.

Soviet Anod A-102 Dekatron Tube
The A-102 is a selector dekatron with an identical envelope and internal configuration as the A-101, but with an argon fill gas. The change in fill gas raises the rated counting speed of the A-102 to a quite capable 20kHz.

Soviet Anod A-103 Dekatron Tube
The A-103 is another Russian double pulse selector tube, one that is very similar to the A-102. The A-103 has the same envelope as the A-102 and A-101, and the same 13 pin base. The tube has an argon fill gas and a maximum rated counting speed of 50kHz. The internal configuration of the tube is slightly different than the A-102, the springs which hold the guides a uniform distance from the tube envelope have been moved to the bottom of the guide assembly.

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