Dialco Incandescent Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-03-21  


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Dialco 7 segment with decimal point display, unknown P/N (PCB back with driver socket; pictured in thumbnail)
Dialco 710-0300-009 7 segment display (plastic back with PCB mount lugs)

This could be well considered an anachronistic device; a 7 segment display lit by incandescent lamps, one bulb per segment. Dialco made a myriad different variants of this basic design, some with spade or PCB mount lugs, some with attached drivers, all with an assortment of different bulb voltages. Incandescent displays can be difficult to date, but it is likely that these devices were produced well after the invention of the LED, and only exist because early LEDs were very dim, and could not have economically illuminated a digit of this size. The standard diameter midget flange lamps installed in these devices are held in with screws and spring terminals, and can be easily replaced.


Dialco Incandescent Display
Dialco incandescent display, normal operating conditions.

Dialco Seven Segment Display Lamps
A complex array of spring loaded contacts holds the midget flange bulbs in place.

Dialight 710-0300-009 Incandescent Display
Dialight 710-0300-009 incandescent display.

Dialco Incandescent Display with LEDs
As with most incandescent displays, the lamps can be easily replaced with 5mm LEDs.

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