CBS Hytron 2N158 Transistor  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2022-09-09  


The 2N158 is a large PNP germanium power transistor that was introduced in 1956. Originally produced by CBS Hytron, this transistor saw wide use by the military and continued to be produced by Raytheon well into the 1960s. The 2N158's large cylindrical package is designed specifically for heat dissipation; the top of the transistor package is a solid ingot of metal with a threaded hole for use with an external heatsink. This part went through several revisions, with the earliest versions using a white painted metal enclosure before switching to the black transistor package shown here. By the end of the 2N158's production run, examples were being manufactured in unpainted metal cases with a large central flange around the circumstance of the transistor package. The 2N158 is rated for a maximum of 20 watts at an operating voltage of 60 volts.


CBS Hytron 2N158 2N128 Transistor
CBS Hytron 2N158 PNP power transistor.

CBS Hytron 2N158 PNP Power Transistor.
The 2N158 is designed to be attached to a heatsink and has a large threaded mounting lug for this purpose.

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