Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2021-10-04  



The Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000 is a combined LED and reflective optical sensor designed for use in line and barcode scanners. Containing both a 700 nanometer LED die and a photodiode, the HEDS-1000 is packaged in a hermetic metal can enclosure with a bifurcated lens to focus light for each element. The two diodes are wired directly to the pins on the bottom of the device; no internal driver circuitry is included, and amplification of the signal from the photodiode must be preformed externally. The LED die itself is rectangular, and is mounted directly to the surface of the TO-5 header on the bottom of the device. The HEDS-1000 is designed to fit a standard 8 pin TO-5 socket, though only six pins are used by the device.

Since use of a HEDS-1000 for barcode scanning requires the barcode to be in near physical contact, HP manufactured specialized focusing heads designed to attach to the front of a HEDS-1000 and protect its lens from damage. These conical focusing heads contained a ball of synthetic sapphire at their tip, which acted as a scratch-resistant window through witch a HEDS-1000 sensor could peer out at the world.


Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000 Photodiode
Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000 LED photodiode, at rest.

Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000 LED
With the metal can removed, the photodiode and LED can be clearly seen.

Hewlett Packard HEDS-1000 barcode scanner
The HEDS-1000 is equipped with a bifurcated lens which produced a distinct pattern when light is projected onto an object.

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