Burroughs B5000 Diode Logic Module  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2021-03-18  


This early diode module is a plug-in logic element from a Burroughs B5000 mainframe. The B5000, which was released in 1961, was the first computer produced in-house by the Burroughs corporation. The B5000 was assembled from large numbers of modules such as this, which contains 8 diodes mounted in a diallyl pthalate carrier. An array of pins along the edge of the module connect it to the rest of the computer system.

The Burroughs B5000 also contained larger plugin 'cordwood' modules, which contained transistors and passive components wired between two parallel circuit cards. Each module had a pin grid array and a metal handle on opposing faces, for easy removal.


Burroughs B5000 Diode Logic Module
Burroughs B5000 diode logic module.

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