Wamco Two Digit Minitron  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-11-24  



Any intensive look at the world of minitron part numbers rapidly turns into a trip down the rabbit hole of weirdness, as nearly all these parts exist due to esoteric military and aerospace demands coupled with gilded spending excess. The Wamco minitron display shown here is a good example of this; as it is a bizarre readout that contains two digits within a single envelope. Casual observation suggests that this a terrible idea, due to the fact that minitron filaments burn out over time, and such a display would fail twice as often as a single digit display. Many military contracts have second sourcing requirements however, and this ridiculous device only exists to fulfill a contract requiring a second source drop-in replacement for a particular model of 2 digit Eaton fiber optic display. As a result this display has incompatible dimensions to nearly all other Wamco displays, does not appear in Wamco's official handbooks, and saw almost no use in any products. It is an excellent match in both digit height and dimensions to the specific Eaton display it was designed to copy however, and would be a perfect drop in replacement if you completely ignore the fact that the failure rate is exponentially higher than the Eaton part it is designed to replace.


Wamco KWZ104 Minitron Display
Wamco two digit minitron readout, powered to normal brightness.

Wamco KWZ-104 2 Digit Minitron Display
Wamco two digit minitron display, at rest.

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