Fairchild FPA 700 Phototransistor Array  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-07-22  


The Fairchild FPA700 is a very early phototransisor array, which was first produced in the late 1960s. Intended for use in paper-tape reading machines, the FPA 700 is constructed out of nine NPN phototransistor dies packaged in a crude plastic encapsulation. Each phototransistor is protected by a layer of transparent resin and is wired to a dedicated pair of gold leads. The FPA 700 is rated for a maximum of 20 volts and 25ma of current per phototransistor cell. The example shown here has a date code of 1969.


Fairchild FPA 700 Phototransistor Array
Fairchild FPA 700 phototransistor array.

Fairchild FPA700 Array Diagram
Fairchild FPA700 array, dimensional diagram.

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