Green Straight Pin LED (Unknown P/N)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-11-06  


Straight-pin LEDs are a package style that was quickly phased out during the early days of LED production, and as a result were largely only available in red or IR versions. Green is a strange color to find in such a package type, especially a GaP green chemistry die like the one used in this unidentified LED. This LED also has other obvious evidence of its late production...a second lead has been spot welded to the outside of package, which allows it to be inserted into a standard 3mm LED footprint.

Unfortunately we do not know the part number or manufacturer for this device. If you can identify the part number for this LED, please contact us.


Green Straight Pin LED
This green straight pin LED includes a second factory installed lead, which gives it the same footprint as a standard 3mm LED.

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