RCA 8072 Power Amplifier Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-10-02  


The RCA 8072 is a compact VHF linear amplifier tube, packaged in a cermet-style ceramic bonded metal envelope. The 8072 has a maximum power rating of 110 watts at 50MHz, with reduced maximum wattage ratings at higher frequencies. The ring-shaped terminal at the lower end of the tube provides a alternate connection to the second grid; when operated at high frequencies this ring terminal must be used to connect to the second grid instead of the pin on the base of the tube. The 8072 can become quite hot when in use, and the anode connection is designed such that it can be connected to a heatsink if needed to help cool the tube..


RCA 8072 Power Amplifier Tube
RCA 8072 beam power tube, at rest.

RCA 8072 Tube
The 8072 has a metal and ceramic construction designed to withstand high operating temperatures.

RCA 8072 Datasheet
8072 pin connections and base diagram.

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