Intel 1301 Integrated Circuit (Mask ROM)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-08-01  


The 1301, first released in 1969, is Intel's first mask rom, and is a compatible replacement for the groundbreaking 1701 UV erasable PROM. The 1301 is programmed at the factory with a metal mask, and was marketed as a low cost alternative to the 1701 for mass-produced items where it was not necessary for the chip to be erasable. The 1301 has a storage capacity of 256 bytes, or 2048 bits, and is also equipped with TTL compatible outputs. The example shown here is an earlier gray trace version, and has a date code from 1972.


Intel 1301 Chip
Intel 1301 mask rom integrated circuit.

Intel 1601 Chip
Intel first generation ROM family. From left to right; Intel 1702 EPROM, Intel 1601 ROM, Intel 1301 mask ROM.

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