Toyo Musen 1D-E14 Tuning Eye Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-04-09  


The 1D-E14 is a small low voltage tuning eye tube intended for use in portable battery powered radios. Manufactured by Toyo Musen, the 1D-E14 has a narrow band of phosphor which varies in width based on a control signal. This tube is quite small for a tuning eye tube, and has an envelope length of approximately 42mm. Voltage requirements are also very low, as would befit a battery radio tube... in the thumbnail photo, the target voltage is 9 volts and the filament voltage is 1.4 volts.


Toyo 1D-E14 tuning eye tube
Toyo Musen 1D-E14 tuning eye tube, normal operation.

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