Western Electric 529A & 529B LEDs  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-10-06  


Western Electric produced a number of different types of LED in the 1970s for use in telecom equipment. The 529A & 529B are red and green devices designed for use as panel indicators, and have a distinctive keystone shaped reflector that is designed to poke through a rectangular cutout in a front panel. A series of grooves molded into the back of the reflector produce a distinctive pattern when lit by the relatively weak LED die. Like many Western Electric LEDs, the 529A & 529B have thick square leads designed for wire wrap connections.


Western Electric 529A LED indicator
Western Electric 529A and 529B LED indicators, normal operation.

Western Electric 529A and 529B LEDs
The 529A and 529B have wedge shaped heads and integrated reflector groves designed to produce a pleasing appearance when viewed top-down.

Western Electric 529B LED die
Western Electric 529B LED die, 40x magnification.

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