AMI C1761 Integrated Circuit  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-08-11  



Not much is known about this mysterious MOS integrated circuit, other than that it was made by American Micro Systems and has a rather unique package style. The C1761 is packaged is a highly unusual 40 pin white ceramic leadless carrier with a round cavity lid. Earlier versions of this chip make use of a single layer gray trace leadless wafer, though sometime around 1973 AMI switched to a two-piece package which covered the traces in a second layer of ceramic. On the revised package the start and end pin numbers are conveniently printed on the side of the ceramic, and the base is keyed in such a way that prevents the chip from being inserted into it's socket backwards, a feature well ahead of it's time in 1973. We don't currently know the function of this IC, but it is likely a calculator chip or part of a calculator chipset given the manufacturer and package style. Strangely, the device has no insertion marks on the pins and was found in its original packaging, suggesting it was sold in the retail market.


AMI C1761 integrated circuit
AMI C1761 MOS integrated circuit. This chip is packaged in an unusual early ceramic leadless carrier.

AMI C1761 gray trace chip
Earlier versions of the C1761 are packaged in a single layer grey trace leadless wafer. This example was manufactured in 1972.

AMI C1761 calculator chipset packaging
C1761 ICs were bulk packed in foil lined protective strips. Each chip is mounted under a round window to allow the part number to be seen.

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