General Electric 1P24 Photocell Tube (VT-280)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-07-08  


The 1P24, manufactured by General Electric, is a small cartridge type phototube in a cylindrical envelope. This device takes the word 'vacuum tube' to a literal level... the interior of the tube is little more than empty space. One end of the device contains the anode, while the other end contains both the photocathode and evacuation nipple. The photocathode has a small hole in the center, which allows air to escape the tube during the pump-down process. The interior of this tube is a complete vacuum, unlike many other photocells which are filled with an inert gas such as argon. The 1P24 has a recommended anode voltage of 135 volts and a sensitivity of 40 microamps per lumen. According to the manual Tube Lore, this device has no known commercial installations and was used in no products, despite having been manufactured in quantity.

RMA 1P24 Phototube Datasheet (PDF, 55kb)


General Electric 1P24 Tube
General Electric 1P24 tube.

1P24 Photocell Tube Pinouts
1P24 phototube, pinouts and dimensions.

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