OD-2086 UV LED (Unknown Mfr.)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-05-26  


Not much is known about this mysterious device. In outward appearance this appears to be a metal can UV LED in the vein of the well known Nichia NSHU550 first generation UV LED, but in a gold enclosure with a flat glass lid. The internal construction appears more primitive as well; there is no reflector cup for the UV LED die, and the raised internal platform found in the NSHU550 is missing. This is likely a competing product intended for use in medical devices or waterproof UV germicidal lamps, though the exact manufacturer is unknown. Handwritten paperwork found with these LEDs indicates they have a wavelength of 380nm and an output of 2mW... shorter on average than modern common 5mm UV LEDs.


OD-2086 LED
OD-2086 UV LED, normal operation.

OD-2086 UV LED
The OD-2086 has a fairly pedestrian internal construction, much of the enclosure is empty space.

Metal Can UV LEDs
Not much is known about who manufactured this LED.

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