RCA 6884 Beam Power Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-04-15  


The RCA 6884 is a high power beam tetrode packaged in a robust metal and ceramic enclosure. The 6884 is rated at 80 watts of power at 400mhz, and the tube is dominated by the large aluminum heatsink permanently bonded to the tube's envelope. All external connections are coaxial with gold plated surfaces, the two center-most rings are the filament and cathode connections, with the anode and two grids taking the remaining rings. Understandably, the socket for this tube is quite complex, and includes a flanged ring to lock the tube in place as well as provision for forced air cooling on the large external heatsink. The 6884 was primarily used in airborne radar and communication systems due to it's small size and high power output. Though the example shown here is made by RCA, this tube was manufactured by a number of different companies.


RCA 6884 Tube
RCA 6884 tube, underside. This example is used, and has socket wear on the gold colored ring connections.

RCA 6884 tube base connections
6884 dimensional diagram. The socket used for this tube is quite complex.

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