Raytheon CK6763 Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-03-03  


The CK6763, manufactured by Raytheon, is an instant start half-wave rectifier tube in an unusual 7 pin envelope. This tube has a unique form factor for a 7 pin device; the evacuation nipple has been moved to the side of the envelope to allow an 8th anode pin to be mounted to the top of the tube. This anode is shrouded in a glass extension to force the glow discharge to occur at the bottom of the pin. This tube was designed for use in high-vibration areas and all seven of the button base pins are connected to a common tubular cathode for increased ruggedness. In operation, a pair of CK6763 tubes would be ganged together to form a full-wave power supply rectifier circuit.

Raytheon CK6763 Datasheet (PDF)


Raytheon CK6763 cold cathode rectifier tube. This tube is filled with a low pressure gas (most likely helium or argon), which glows brightly in operation.

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