ETL GC10B Series Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-10  



Devices included in this entry:

ETL / Baird Atomic GC10B counter (octal base; pictured in thumbnail)
ETL GC10/4B computing counter (octal base)

ETL CV1739 computing counter (octal base)

This is one of the earliest models of dekatron, a 4 kHz neon-filled counter with 1 output cathode. Originally manufactured by Ericsson, the GC10B was heavily cloned by numerous European manufacturers and can be found in dozens of slightly different variants. The stamped plate and ceramic internal construction of the GC10B was considered so much of an improvement over the GC10A's welded rings that Ericsson patented the process. The tube's distinctive tall narrow envelope and virtual immunity to outgassing make it a favorite among collectors.

The GC10/4B is Ericsson's computing counter variant of the GC10B. The GC10/4B is identical to the GC10B in all important respects, with the exception of having four output cathodes available instead of the single output cathode of the GC10B.

ETL GC10B, GC10B/S Datasheet (PDF)


ETL GC10B Dekatron Tube
ETL/Baird Atomic GC10B dekatron tube.

ETL GC10/4B Dekatron Tube
ETL GC10/4B, a computing variant of the GC10B.

ETL CV1739 Dekatron Tube
ETL CV1739, a military part number variant of the GC10/4B.

YS-610 GC10B Dekatron Tube
YS-610 with GC10B dekatron installed.

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