Gardiner & Co. Papertape Keyer  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-01-12  


The Gardinier papertape keyer is designed to read Morse code off of a series of holes punched in a roll of double-sided paper tape, and transmit the data down a pair of wires. Since this device uses papertape that is almost identical to that of the Instructograph (pictured below), it was probably intended to be used as a Morse code practice device instead of for transmitting Morse code messages to far-off places.

The papertape is fed by an electric motor, and a small knurled knob on the front of the machine can be turned to control the speed. There is also a small plastic lever in the contact gap at the top of the machine that can be used to adjust the gap's width. At this time, this unit has not yet been restored and has never been powered up.


Gardiner & Co. Papertape Keyer
Gardiner & Co. papertape keyer, a papertape based Morse code sender.

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