Instructograph Morse Code Trainer  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-01-12  


The Instructograph is designed for teaching Morse code, and includes coursework in the form of double-sided punched papertape reels. The reels are fed through a set of contacts, which are connected to binding posts where the user can connect a code oscillator or similar device. The motive power to pull the reels through the contacts is provided by a clockwork mechanism. There is a large crank on the side of the device to wind the machine, as well as a speed control lever on the top, which allows the user to select a narrow range of speeds for the device. The speed control is hooked up to a governor, similar to the kind used in rotary phone dials. The contact gap at the point where the papertape is read is adjustable by means of a small thumbscrew.


Instructograph Morse Code Trainer
Instructograph produced a slowly evolving series of papertape Morse code trainers from about 1920 to 1983. The unit pictured here was most likely manufactured in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

Instructograph Papertape Reader
With the cover removed, the machine is fairly nondescript. The inside of the machine is mostly empty space, though a front hatch and dangling wires suggest there may have once been more inside the machine, like a large 'B' cell to power connected equipment.

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