J.H. Bunnel 'Ghegan' Telegraph Sounder  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-10-25  


Back in the time before iPhones, or any phone, messages were sent over long distances using Morse code and telegraph sounders, which tap out a "binary" stream of data that is sent electrically over a wire. This telegraph sounder, made by the J.H. Bunnel company (not to be confused with the distressingly similarly-named Bunnell Telegraph company), is a fairly typical example of such a device. A pair of 50 ohm coils moves the main lever, which is mounted in a 'U'-shaped frame. Three thumbscrews with locking nuts adjust the travel of the main lever and the tension of the lever spring. Note that the diode bridging the two contacts in the photo is not part of the original device; but is a modern addition designed to protect solid state signal sources from damage by inductive kickback from the coils.


J.H. Bunnel Telegraph Sounder
J.H. Bunnel Ghegan telegraph sounder.

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