Russian Reflector P789 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2012-09-05  


The P789 is a nearly modern example of a Russian made 'jumbotron' style RGB display. Much like the ILM2-9MV shown above, the P789 is designed to be tiled into large arrays for the display of full RGB text or images. Unlike the ILM2-9MV, this tube has real blue phosphor for the blue-generating elements, which substantially improves the tube's usability. Strangely, the tube designers have placed the evacuation nipple directly in the center of the front of the tube instead of on the rear of the envelope, possibly to facilitate direct PCB mounting.

The P789 appears to be a relatively new tube manufactured for the Russian export market; the example shown here has a date code of 1994 and was manufactured at the Reflector factory.


Russian Reflector P789

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