ETL GS10H Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-09-11  


The GS10H is a two-guide compact envelope dekatron, manufactured by ETL and it's various subsidiaries. GS10H tubes are neon filled but slightly faster than ETL's earlier dekatrons, the GS10H has a rated counting speed of 5khz, compared to the GS10C's 4khz count speed. The GS10H utilizes a 17 pin base, and will fit into 27 pin beam switching tube sockets as well as the 17 pin sockets specifically designed for this tube.


ETL GS10H Dekatron Tube
ETL GS10H dekatron tube, normal operation. The GS10H is a 5khz counting tube in a compact-style envelope.

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